EMR9019 5G Sucks


The Disco Electric

A fast paced, edm song that is best described as energetic and dancey. Synth and techno drums are the primary instruments in this track.
Previously exclusive video via the online 5G summit. Protect against deeper AGEN- DAs of Five Gee. Stop unnecessary exposure to metals and frequencies, and rid your body of its current accumulation of metals. Be sure to watch Klinghardt, M. Havas, J. Corbett and Patrick Wood! — As for those who feel moved to support this work, HALLELUJAH! To support via PayPal, put the following into your browser bar: paypal.me/DanaAshlie or reach me old school: Dana A PO Box 3324 Blue Jay, CA 92317 Email: danaashlie@yahoo.com PA-Treon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4254996

Megaphone (Shine A Light)

Written By Matthew Wigton, Jessie Marie Villa
Performed By Jessie Villa, Matt Wigton

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