Interview coming with Jasmin Shojai, “Australia’s Top Glamour Model of 2017”

Maxim Magazine recently ran an article entitled, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL GIRL WANTS: JASMIN SHOJAI
Find out how to wow this Persian-Australian beauty.
And We at are thrilled to announce that Jasmin has agreed to let us record an interview with her next week!

Originally from Sydney, Australia, the exotic beauty—a mix of German and Persian ancestry—has been killing it all over the globe. She was just named “Australia’s Top Glamour Model of 2017” so it’s hard to believe she just got started in the game two years ago.

“I began modeling in October 2015. I wanted to try something new and deep down my dream was to become a ‘supermodel’ since I was 17,” Jasmin told Maxim. “I did my very first lingerie photoshoot, and I had such an amazing time. I literally wanted to be there all day.”

We recently caught up with the stunning Jasmin Shojai between lingerie shoots to find out what she looks for in a man, what part of her body she likes to show off and her ultimate guilty pleasure:

How can a man catch your attention?
Personality, charm and respect is definitely the key. Looks aren’t everything to me.

How do you let a man know you’re interested?
It really depends. Sometimes I have said straight-out that I like them. Other times I have given them hints and suggested about dates I really like to do.

Has anyone ever successfully slid into your DMs?
I’d say so. I have had all sorts of men message me. I have had really great conversations and some really horrifying messages. Social media is a crazy place.

Got any DM-sliding tips?
I can definitely say, when a guy has messaged me and conversed with me as a friend, I have really enjoyed that. So my advice would be, converse in a friendly way, like you would when you meet someone for the first time in real life.
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I can’t wait to talk to her about the wide range of projects she is involved with.
Podcast of the recording of our discussion coming soon! 🙂



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