EMR036 Interview with Jennifer Ervig:

Jennifer talks about how she is actually very white from Norway, her work as a pastor, stress, happiness. Music too Interview with Jennifer Ervig: Pastor, Author, & Podcast Host Wannabe Comedian. About her latest book and techniques she advises to combat stress and anxiety. TechnoGadgetBore answers a question from a listener. Plus music two! ... Read More

EMR028 alcohol

Interview with Lisa Boucher, Alcoholism Expert & Award-Winning Author and expert in recognizing the early symptoms of Alcoholism. Lisa is also the award-winning author of Raising the Bottom: Making Mindful Choices in a Drinking Culture. It's the book that some are calling, "The Big Book" for women, but men have found help as well. From personal experience Lisa can discusses why she quit drinking at an early age, and how doing so changed the whole trajectory of her life. Listeners glean a new perspective to help you change your lives, too. ... Read More